Manna Storehouse
"For the bread of God is He which cometh down from Heaven, and giveth life unto the world."  John 6:33


Ordering Guidelines

  Orders are due every Wednesday, and are available for pick up the following Tuesday through Friday.  Orders received on Thursday (no matter how early) will be held and placed the following week.  If there is ever an extreme situation that warrants your order being late, please call or email and talk to us first. Also, please call first if you ever need to pick up your order or shop outside of the scheduled hours.  Please see the 'Order Schedule' link (on left navigation bar) for details about the ordering schedule. 

Ordering & Splitting Cases:
     *Any order over $100.00 is eligible for volume discounts.  Volume discounts do not apply to monthly specials or outside suppliers (any item numbers beginning with a letter).  Following is a chart that details the discount rates.

     Order Amount    % Discount
       $100-$300          3%
       $301-$600          5%
       $601 and up        8%

     *When using the online catalog and you are taking an entire case of something (i.e. 12/24oz Spaghetti Sauce), you would enter '12' for the quantity, not one. If you are splitting the case and want 6, you would enter '6' as the quantity.

    *Please be aware that the item price in the online catalog is for splitting cases.  If you take an entire case, the per item price will be 4.5% less.  With Bulk items (such as dried beans, flour, etc..) the per lb price will be 9% less than what is in the catalog.

      *When splitting cases, please be aware that there is a possibility of products being dropped from the order.  If you are only ordering one or two items from a case, it is more likely to be dropped than if half the case is taken.   Email notices of the items dropped from the order are sent out on Thursday.   
      *In order to help fill cases and offer more to our customers, there is a Split List posted every Thursday morning on our website.  This is an opportunity for customers to help each other get the split items they would like.  An email notice is sent out once the Split List is posted online.

Late Pick Up Fee:
       There will be a $10 charge added to orders not picked up within the specified days during the week after you place your order.  Please contact us if you need to make arrangements to pick up your order outside of the designated days/times.  It is understood that things happen, but please inform us when it does.  The charge will not be applied if you call and make other arrangements.

Order Delivery & Shipping:
       Delivery & Shipping options are available; please contact us for quotes on delivery.  Click HERE for shipping infomation.

Order Pick Up:
        When you pick up your order please check all items against your invoice. It would be wise to check that the item description on the box matches the item ordered. This will save a trip back to return a mispulled item.
       If a wrong product is received or is spoiled (such as cheese, milk, etc..), it needs to be called in within 3 days. Make sure all refrigerated and frozen products are checked before leaving.

       Credits from an order are applied to the following order. When there is a mispulled item (the label indicates what you ordered but the box contains a different product), you are responsible for getting the item back to us; then the proper credit will be given. Credits are not available for refrigerated or frozen products unless they are mispulls.  PLEASE check ALL items carefully for any problems or damage. Make sure you have the item number, UPC Code,  and price when you call or email about any problems.

       Payments are to be made to Manna Storehouse in the from of cash, check or money order.  There is a $25.00 returned check fee for the first time a check bounces, and $30.00 for the second. After that, payment is required when the order is placed.

       If there is a particular product you are looking for and is not currently available, feel free to request it; we may be able to get it.  If you are having any problems or questions, feel free to contact Jackie or Katie Stowers.